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Take your vacation home to the next level
E-mobility powered by HeyCharge

Easy and affordable charging solution for you and your guests.

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• Why EV charging

Provide your guests a place to stay & to charge their electric car with ease

Adding EV charging to your vacation home will significantly increase value of your home in the near future. Guests are already actively seeking EV friendly properties today.

HeyCharge allows you to grant guests access to chargers within seconds
Guests access the chargers on your property via the HeyCharge App
Consumed power is measured automatically, and guests receive an invoice after their stay
• How it works

Fair and transparent. No hassle!

Our all-in-one solution eliminates the pain of negotiations and payments for power consumed by your guests. Guests are invoiced and charged for power used to charge their car automatically at the end of their stay -- all included in the HeyCharge Airbnb package!

• How it works

Digital self-service at it’s best!


Access chargers with hassle-free Bluetooth communication. No internet connection required.


Hosts and guests easily monitor energy consumption and associated costs.


Guests directly pay for energy and service fees in the HeyCharge mobile app

• End-2-End User Management Service

HeyCharge Platform.  Effortless Control.

Our self-service portal lets you manage your chargers and grant guests access within seconds - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Invite users

Grant access to your guest for a predefined duration in a few clicks. Your guests receive their invitation to download the app and charge by email.

Invoice users

HeyCharge bills your guest and collects the money on your behalf. Set any price you want for the energy!

Get re-imbursed for power

After your guest leaves, you receive 100% of the amount charged to them for energy -- automatically! The service fee is collected directly by HeyCharge from the guest.

• Order now

Easy and affordable. A must-have for every host.

We supply a range of hardware options for every budget and user. See the options below -- and all are compatible with the complete range of HeyCharge features!

HeyCharge Smart Plug

€69  one-time purchase
€0 service fee for hosts*

The Starter Package!

The HeyCharge Smart Plug is the easiest access control and billing device for e-mobility. It is self-installable by any host and can be configured within few minutes.

Access control and billing included
3 kW charging power
Self-installable by any host
No internet connection needed
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*nominal service fee paid by the guest

HeyCharge Wallbox

€990 one-time purchase
 0 service fee for hosts*

Power-users Rejoice!

The HeyCharge Wallbox is a premium charging experience. Providing up to 22 kW power, EVs charge in just a few hours. A low-effort professional installation is required.

Access control and billing included
11 kw / 22kW charging power
Easy to install by any electrician
No internet connection needed
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*nominal service fee paid by the guest

Hear what other hosts say.

Learn what other hosts are saying, and how HeyCharge can take your vacation experience to a whole new level.

Already 1.280 hosts interested

• Price structure

Fair & clear pricing

Increase the value of your home and be a part of the sustainable travel industry.


Guests pay for the energy they consume during their stay at your home, plus a one-time service fee.


Hosts can set their own price for energy. 100% of the energy cost charged to guests is paid out to the host at the conclusion of a stay.


HeyCharge does not charge monthly fees. Instead, guests are charged a small service fee per stay to unlock their access to the system.

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Sustainably increase the value of your property, and align your Airbnb with the future of mobility.

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